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05 December 2008 @ 10:17 am
So I've recently become addicted to Aubreyad  
... and tootsiemuppet suggested this spot as one to find fellow Aubreyad nuts who might be interested in some icons I've made. There are two lots.

First - 49 text only icons (quotations from the books):

39 x book quotations
10 x animated icons based on some of the quotes with the theme: 'In my fandom the slash writes itself'
(Also: 10 x blank bases that you are welcome to use in any way you like XD)


a. b. c.

Follow the fake cut to my icons LJ: (CLICKIE)


Second - 17 icons from the movie: 8 x Jack, 6 x Stephen, 3 x Jack & Stephen. All quotes used are from the books.

a. b. c.

(Follow the fake cut)


I also, as part of a different series some weeks before, made these two if anyone likes them/wants to use them:
1. and 2.

Credit and comments are love, but never obligatory. Feel free to use textless icons as bases. If you like what you see, you are welcome to browse the rest of the LJ and/or friend it. Hope some of these might be of use/interest to some of you. Apologies for a long first post here, but thought it better than posting three separate posts. ¬¬

Thanks! :D

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